Elgar 'Nimrod', arranged for marimba duo

ID: SM-000373187
Título alternativo Nimrod for marimba
CompositorEdward Elgar
Arrajador Nick Baron
EditoraNick Baron
Gênero Clássico / Instrumental
chave Dó (C) maior
Instrumentação Marimba
Composição paraDueto
Tipo de composiçãoScore for two performers, Partes
duração 3'50"
dificuldade Advanced
descripção A chorale-style arrangement of Elgar's classic hymn from 'Enigma Variations'. In this arrangement, marimba 1 plays the melody with tremolo, 2 mallets, and marimba 2 plays the accompaniment with 4 mallets. The speed of the tremolos must be tightly matched to avoid strange undulations in the ripple of notes (this is notated). I imagined both marimbas to be 4.3 octave, but actually marimba 1's part could fit on a 4 octave with the lowest pitch being F below middle C.
data de postagem 13.10.2019


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